About Us

Our Difference

D.F. King is the world's most experienced provider in the design, implementation and execution of communication campaigns involving shares and bonds. The company has a peerless track record in securing investor support for a wide range of corporate actions, including general meetings, tender offers, activist events and hostile defenses. We are also renowned for our highly innovative approach to corporate governance advisory.

Outside the Americas, we have more than 20 years' experience in proxy solicitation, having successfully managed thousands of proxy campaigns on behalf of corporate clients, both large and small.

We are the world's leading provider of support to debt issuers in terms of value and number of deals. With D.F. King Inc in North America, we are a one-stop shop for bond issuers' agency needs for their globally deposited securities.

D.F. King offers real-time reporting for proxy, takeover and debt campaigns through Orient Capital's highly acclaimed miraqle platform.

D.F. King has extensive international reach, with multilingual staff in its global offices. Through its international call centres D.F. King has the capacity to handle large proxy campaigns, including those with a major retail shareholder component.