What We Do

Proxy Solicitation

Predicting the outcomes of corporate actions is difficult. Companies will increase the certainty of outcomes by engaging D.F. King to conduct outbound communication campaigns with shareholders. Such campaigns are designed to improve shareholders' understanding of issues, as well as their voting participation. They deliver transparency of shareholder intentions before an event takes place, improving the likelihood of a successful result.

Knowing the identity of your investors is obviously the foundation of any shareholder engagement campaign. D.F. King's sister company, Orient Capital, a global leader in share ownership analysis, is responsible for all shareholder identification.

General Meetings

Gaining widespread shareholder support at general meetings is important to company boards. D.F. King's outreach campaigns to investors in the weeks and months prior to meetings maximise shareholder participation to guarantee quorum levels, improve the chances of positive vote outcomes and reduce the incidence of voting errors.

M&A / Takeovers

Winning the hearts and minds of shareholders during corporate actions, especially when they are contested, is critical. Well-designed and targeted campaigns, articulating key messages and benefits to shareholders, will deliver shareholder support. Investor sentiment gauged through the ebb and flow of a corporate action allows boards and their advisers to plan effective communication strategies - strategies that usually involve multi-channelled campaigns, as well as local language call centres reaching out to retail shareholders.

Shareholder Activism

Shareholder activists attempting to alter the strategy and/or the management of a company can be hugely disruptive. Proxy can ensure that a greater number of investors understand management's position and the board's recommendations to counter such activism. Proxy can provide an array of defence tactics that can lower shareholder support for activists' positions and neutralise their campaigns.

Corporate Governance Advisory

Understanding the corporate governance expectations of leading investors is increasingly important when preparing for Annual or Extraordinary General Meetings. D.F. King helps explain to investors and proxy advisors a clients' corporate governance policies in relation to resolutions presented for approval. Through governance roadshows, governance studies and proxy advisory dependency mapping exercises, D.F. King helps clients understand and follow best governance practices, improving the chances of successful outcomes for their meeting resolutions.

Retail Shareholders

Retail shareholders are valuable to companies. D.F. King's retail proxy solicitation services are effective tools for gaining their support. Our help lines and outbound calling campaigns from local language call centres are designed to improve retail shareholders' understanding of corporate issues, as well as their voting participation, both of which improve the likelihood of positive outcomes.