We engaged D.F. King to perform a bondholder ID in a very limited timeframe. Their service, from the quick turnaround setting out the terms and commercial offer, to their preliminary report delivered within a week, to the final report a week later and with over 70% of bondholders identified was highly professional and efficient. Their connections and ability to reach final investors really made a difference.

IR Manager - Codere

D.F. King is a leader in bondholder identification.

Our robust methodologies deliver to clients clarity of the chain of ownership of debt, from custodians to beneficial owners. Our reports are comprehensive - drilling down into debt ownership by category and geography - and provide an unparalleled level of ownership intelligence.

D.F. King regularly carries out an SEC prescribed 'look-through' process for bond issuers to determine - according to the SEC rules - the percentage of bonds held by US resident beneficiaries, in relation to an SEC Rule 802 exemption.

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