Latest Insights from Orient Capital

Business Date Title
Orient Capital 18 Nov 2022 OC Data Insights - Australia, September Q2
Orient Capital 12 Oct 2022 OC Insight Issue 8: Looking at the big theme views from South Africa and Corporate Preparedness
Orient Capital 15 Sep 2022 OC Data Insights - Australia, June Q2
Orient Capital 08 Aug 2022 OC Insight Issue 7: Tackling some of the big sustainability questions
Orient Capital 05 Jul 2022 OC Insight Issue 6: Getting to grips to ESG
Orient Capital 20 Jan 2022 OC Insight Issue 5: Thinking forward
Orient Capital 20 Jan 2022 OC Data Insights - Australia, March Q1
Orient Capital 16 Nov 2021 OC Insight Issue 4: Effective engagement
Orient Capital 30 Sep 2021 OC Insight Issue 3: ESG and practical IRO tips (1)
Orient Capital 29 Jun 2021 Foreign investors take an increased stake in UK plc
Orient Capital 10 Jun 2021 OC Insight Issue 2: Thinking sustainably - key issues to consider in AGM engagement and planning
Orient Capital 06 Apr 2021 OC Insight Issue 1: An interview with FB Group
Orient Capital 31 Mar 2021 Australia: AGM Snapshot, analysis of the 2020 meeting season
Orient Capital 06 Nov 2020 Decoding The Disclosure: Is SRD II The Panacea for Shareholder Transparency
Orient Capital 13 May 2020 Understanding Share Ownership - The new normal
Orient Capital 17 Feb 2020 Keeping pace with ESG - Your need-to-know guide
Orient Capital 22 Nov 2019 Understanding Share Ownership - Australia 2019 update
Orient Capital 21 Aug 2019 Understanding Share Ownership - SRD II (1)

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