Ranked as the Number 1 Liability Management Agent, globally by both number of transactions and value

Source: Prospect News – Liability Management Daily.

D.F. King provides comprehensive execution services in connection with bond transactions, including tender and exchange offers, consent solicitations, bondholder meetings and complex debt restructurings.

We help issuers and their advisors navigate through the difficulties associated with reaching and communicating with bond investors.

D.F. King operates as an information, tender, exchange and tabulation agent on liability management transactions, allowing us to develop long-standing relationships with all participants along the debt custodial chain. We produce dedicated project websites and fully staffed help lines that improve access to deal documentation and information flow on transactions.

With the experience gained from working on more bond liability management transactions than any other agent, we can offer insightful solutions and advice regarding transaction mechanics and execution. Our direct, real-time links to the international and domestic clearing systems and expertise in their procedures and settlements processes help to facilitate a smooth and efficient execution of complex transactions.

D.F. King works with clients to develop appropriate strategies to gain wide support from bondholders for liability management transactions and debt restructurings. We advise on all operational aspects of the transaction, assisting with document drafting, implementation of the transaction, as well as providing calculations and settlement services.

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