David Chase Lopes

Managing Director, EMEA
+33 1 80 95 68 74

D.F. King is a leading global proxy solicitation company.

We are experts at securing shareholder support for general meetings and takeovers through tailored campaigns to institutional investors and retail shareholders.

We have decades of experience across the EMEA region with important market share in countries such as the UK, France, Belgium, Switzerland, Ireland, and Germany. We are mandated to support board recommended takeovers, unsolicited takeovers, takeovers by vote (schemes of arrangement) but also to defend against hostile bids, dissident actions or to provide advice on corporate governance or conduct governance roadshows.

Predicting the outcomes of corporate actions is difficult. Companies will increase the certainty of outcomes by engaging D.F. King to conduct outbound communication campaigns with shareholders. Such campaigns are designed to improve shareholders' understanding of issues, as well as their voting participation. They deliver transparency of shareholder intentions before an event takes place, improving the likelihood of a successful result.

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